RTI Form: How to Download Right to Information Form Online?

Right to Information Form

Download RTI form online to file an application of the right to information. Anyone can file an RTI just by paying a fee of Rs. 10/- This post shares the official online place from where you can file online RTI requests. If you want to use this latest fundamental right, here is the online procedure to fill up the RTI application form. The Government of India has launched a portal dedicated to provide online facilities related to this right. We are guiding our citizens to use rti.gov.in to file online right to information application using RTI form. Not all are aware of the facilities that this fundamental right provides to Indian citizens. You will also learn how to benefit from this facility. For RTI form first appeal can also be filed through online.

The right to information act is terribly famous as a revolutionary act. It has added a new fundamental right for Indian citizens. The act came into existence in the year 2005 after many anti-corruption activists made efforts. As per right to information, any common man can demand any governmental agency to provide him the information he needs. The procedure is as simple as filing an application using a simple RTI form. After receiving an application, the governmental agency is bound to provide the information to the applicant within 30 days. If you do not get response from the departments after 30 days and subsequent appeal, you can directly complain to the State Information Commissions. Also check how to download challan 280 form and challan 281.

RTI Form Online

How to Download Online RTI Form

Find below the link to download the RTI form online. RTI online application can be made from the dedicated governmental portal rtionline.gov.in. Also find here the procedure to file an RTI online.

The right to information act is very friendly. Even if an illiterate person wants to file RTI, he/she can just approach the PIO. Inform the requirement to the PIO and the officer will write it down for the person. It is not mandatory to file an RTI on a clean sheet of paper. Even a crumpled and torn piece of paper will also do if the content written is legible.

RTI Form

How to File RTI

Some states have prescribed a format of RTI form, you can also type an application on a plain paper with following details.

RTI Application Offline

  1. Write the application on a paper in English or Hindi or the regional language of the state. Some states have prescribed a specified RTI application form. In such cases, you can use this format.
  2. Address the RTI application to the PIO – Public Information Officer of the concerned department.
  3. Write specific questions for the information you want. Keep the questions clear and complete.
  4. Write your full name, address and contact details. The response to this application will be sent to the address you provide.

Keep a Xerox copy of the application for your records. It is advisable to send it by registered post and to have an acknowledgment copy of the same. If you are handing over the application to the Public Information Officer, do take his acknowledgment on the Xerox copy.

RTI Online Application

Use the portal rtionline.gov.in. You will find different options at the top horizontal menu bar. Follow the below link to fill up the RTI form online and file online RTI application.

Click the option of ‘submit request’ and proceed to file RTI online. If you do not receive a response within 30 days, you can make an appeal by clicking ‘Submit First Appeal’.

Once you click ‘submit request’ or ‘submit first appeal’ you will get a list of guidelines to file an RTI. At the bottom of the page, check the box saying ‘I have read and understand the guidelines’ and click on ‘submit’ here.

At present central and few state governmental departments are having facility of RTI online. In these departments, you can get the facility to submit RTI form online. There are also independent websites and agencies that allow you to file right to information applications online. They will charge a nominal amount for drafting your application and submitting it to the appropriate department. Iforms.co.in is an informative and guiding portal to help users with downloading useful application forms. It also offers guidelines on filling up and submitting the concern forms. Do consider referring to our passport application form online and PF withdrawal form.

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